Chrysler Pacifica 2006 Headlight Ballast Replacement

We have a Chrysler Pacifica Headlight here in Amman demonstrate how to change ballast. Right here. I If your outdoor lights. Which are these right here are not working. UFC 2 screws here Phillips Pacifica Headlight. This remove those. I’m a proud the way. And the easiest way to get this slide out that I have found. Is if he pushes down a little bit you can get your hand underneath here. Got it. And a slot at all. The drug here because the rest. And if you take it and flip it. Out Sat down here. You’ll see. Here’s my video and headlight bulb for 2006 Chrysler Pacifica.

headlight 2006 chrysler pacificaThis little power here. It’s full time. Fits And the slow Tabar out here. In the kindest locks into place if you can see it here. It is kind of sets in there. And locks in the place so when you yank it kind of cool even in a pop out this little group here. Well. I Now this. It’s plugged into the top of this little. Plug here. And it’ll have 3 screws. There are Chrysler Pacifica Headlight. And there is one right here. Here And here. So once you remove this. This plug. And remove. And of course. You get you know one.

And make sure compare what no one. You can say. I get to focus. But any her. It’s a 5 day V. 008290 dash 00. So founders only bay for $47. Free shipping Headlight. And I’m sure if you want to a dealer. They would cost you a lot more than that. So it’s just a matter of. Plug it back in. And in securing. You’re screwed by can so hopefully this helps. Stay tuned comment subscribe.

December 21, 2016 | Category: Articles