When it is better to abandon the use of alloy wheels?

wheelsAlloy wheels are actually suitable for the majority of motorists and situations. The advantages of them comparing with steel ones are clear: they do not rust, are better to clean and look, they do not need caps, which are constantly lost, and also, due to the lower weight, these wheels improve handling and reduce the load on the suspension.

But it should be understood that the alloy wheels are made in the first place, for good roads, that’s why it is better to refrain of alloy wheels for beginners who can’t yet correctly respond to the pits and potholes, as well as people who prefer aggressive driving in an urban environment. In any case, on these surfaces you should behave extremely cautiously, no matter what material to make your wheels.

The use of alloy wheels in the winter is an individual decision of motorist, which should be based on the conditions of winter driving.